February 04, 2020 2 min read

Personalized Custom Hoodies for a Baby Boy, Toddler Boy and a Little Boy

At Zero To Three Club, we help your son’s personality shine through and make him stand out in a crowd. After all, he is not like everyone else on the inside, then why should he be like everyone else on the outside? That little mini you - that precious son of yours – he is not boring, he is bright, fun, exciting, energetic, frisky, and the list goes on. Surely you would agree, you want the world to see the amazing beautiful child of yours through your lenses. We get this, and although we can’t make everyone see the things you see, we can do our best to help the world see his unique personality through our art.


We design our clothes with little boys’ unique personality in mind. We don’t think one fits all, we don't think boys should wear blue or green. News flash, not all boys love bugs, cars, truck and dinosaurs! Heck, my son, Matthew, couldn’t care less about bugs and dinosaurs, he is deeply spiritual child, he loves book, science and has a soft spot for white fluffy bunnies.  All my early attempts to gently guide him into what a boy should be in the traditional sense, such as play trains, soldiers and super-heroes were crushed with a strong little fist of his, (and that’s a topic for another day, let’s just say, it was a cultural pressure and expectations were set in stone). Anyway, fast forward, and he now helps me design clothes for kids. And oh, my goodness, I couldn’t see him any other way.

He’s not boring, why wear boring? Why dull down the explosive laughs, the creativity and the energies in his eyes with boring shell of overrated, over-manufactured clothes that are made in the mind set of one fits all. Larger manufacturers there for the money, it is cheaper for them to mass produce large inventory with a few sku’s than a small inventory with many sku’s – no secret here. And that is exactly what sets us apart and exactly the reason our shoppers come back to us.

At Zero to Three Club we took it upon ourselves to combat ordinary. We have a great selection of custom crewneck sweatshirts, tees and onesies for babies and custom hoodies for toddlers and little girls specifically designed to build up the personalities, to encourage self-esteem, to build character, and not a fairytale character, but a future leader, warrior and go-getter type of character.


I invite you to explore our creative designs, and hope you will find it uplifting and exciting and will become a part of our growing family.