3 Pack Swaddle Blankets 100% Soft Organic Bamboo Cotton

Organic muslin bamboo cotton blankets are the softest and safest fabric to use on your perfect baby’s delicate skin? It won’t scratch or irritate their sensitive skin. The fabric being knit from all natural fibers - 100% Organic GOTS Certified Bamboo, we guarantee the safety of your baby's tender skin! 
Each blanket is multi-functional, and can be used as a convenient stroller cover, protective crib sheets, burp cloths, a breastfeeding nursing cover for privacy, a baby car seat cover, a sun shield, a tummy time blanket, diaper changing cloth, a towel on-the-go, an outdoor picnic blanket, washcloth, newborn receiving blankets, toddler security blankets, and more!
These blankets are breathable and thermal-regulative to keep your baby just the right temperature all year round.